NTEU Monthly Brown Bag Lunch for Thurs Feb 7th

Welcome back to work and Happy New Year!

We cordially invite you as a WASO staff person to join your fellow employees at the NTEU Monthly Brown Bag Lunch for February 2019.   Normally, we hold our monthly meetings on the third Thursday of the month.  This month, we are holding the meeting this week while the memory of the recent government shutdown is still fresh and before February 15th when the current funding runs out.

When:   Thursday, February 7, 2019,  Noon Eastern Standard Time

Where:  North Penthouse - Main Interior Building

Call-in:   877-958-6756  Passcode: 8296505 (FYI: Because this meeting is designed for WASO staff members only, we will monitor the call-ins.)

What's On The Agenda:
*    Furlough Feedback -- Sharing Our Furlough Experiences, both Expected and Unexpected
*    Back Pay, Leave Restoration, Union Dues, and Other Adjustments to Make Us Whole After the Shutdown
*    Lessons Learned from the Furlough and Other Issues Raised by Meeting Attendees
*    2019 Pay Raise?
*    Surveys Asking for Opinions About the Government Shutdown -- What You Need to Know Before Answering
*    Pay Period 2018-27 -- Why it is unusual.
*    Much more

At the mid-point of the “brown bag lunch” meeting, we will ask for your input about what issues or topics you would like to discuss or learn about. All of us would like to hear what the hot topics are in your office/facility.  Are there things that the Union could do to make your participation in the Union easier?  At this meeting, in addition, we want to hear your opinions on what you would do differently, given what you know now, in the event of another government shutdown.

Whether you call in or attend -- there are high quality NTEU staff members available to Union members. Union members have access to speak/meet with our talented and experienced NTEU labor lawyers.  Sarah Riger located in DC (sarah.riger@nteu.org) and Arathi Premkumar located in Colorado (arathi.premkumar@nteu.org) - are available to advise you by phone or in a face-to-face meeting.  Sarah is planning to attend Thursday's meeting.  Please give her a warm welcome when you see her.

Since we last met, your Chapter 296 leaders have been very busy on your behalf.  We have learned a lot, we have represented your interests in several settings, and we have a lot to report to you on a wide range of issues.  This is true every month. 

During the recent unprecedented government shutdown, we all dealt with a wide range of pressures and stress.  We want to hear how the shutdown affected you.  This information and real-life experiences will give the Union the information to give legislators the opportunity to make informed decisions when they are considering any future shutdowns.   Also, we will share with you what the Union did during the shutdown. 

We were all happy when Congress passed legislation mandating back pay, etc.; in sum, making us all whole for what we lost during the furlough.  The Union will share what we have learned about leave, voluntary allotments, etc.  In addition, the final pay period of 2018 (pay period 27) has some very unusual characteristics which might make it look like it was affected by the shutdown.  We will explain why appearances can be deceiving.

The Union suspects that we all would do some things differently given what we learned during the shutdown.  We want to know what you would do differently in the event of another shutdown.  We want to share your wisdom with others.

All sorts of organizations want to ask Federal employees about their experience during the shutdown,  We will let you know why you need to think twice about how you answer any of those types of surveys.

One of the most common questions that we have heard since we returned to work is : "Are we getting a pay raise?"  At the meeting, we will let you know what we have learned on this topic

If there is time, we will provide updates on other topics.  As always, we will provide plenty of time for both 1) your questions and answers and 2) your comments and suggestions.

All WASO staff members are welcome!  Please join us.  Bring a friend or listen in with one!  Enjoy lunch with your co-workers while you learn the latest news from Chapter 296.

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