Legislative Roundup October 2018

This legislative roundup contains political information. Under the Hatch Act, federal employees should not participate in partisan political activities while on duty or in a federal building.

However, you can use NTEU’s Action Center to take action on these items (not while on duty): https://www.nteu.org/legislative-action/priority-issues

The legislative roundup is a compilation of the various communications from NTEU National including the ebulletin, communications from NTEU President Tony Reardon, NTEU Political Insider, Status Call, and whatever else they send us. It is intended to answer the question: So, what does NTEU do outside of our chapter?

Item 01: SUMMARY: There have been several bills introduced to change the formula Elimination Provision and
to eliminate the Government Pension Offset.
Item 02: SUMMARY: OPM authorizes direct hire authority for STEM and cybersecurity positions and plans a
series of new pay systems for certain occupations
Item 03: It appears that David Vela has a hearing scheduled for October 16
Item 04: SUMMARY: Today, the 2019 cost-of-living adjustment information for federal retirees was announced
Item 05 (from NTEU eBulletin
Item 06: SUMMARY: A status update on the January 2019 pay raise is provided
Item 07: SUMMARY: An update is provided regarding NTEU’s 2018 Election efforts, including for NTEU’s
Get-Out-the-Vote activities where NTEU members in targeted states will soon receive election phone calls from
NTEU staff and volunteers in the days prior to the election.
Item 08: Update on Funding for Fiscal Year 2019
Item 09: NTEU Endorses Midterm Candidates
Item 10: SUMMARY: The U.S. Office of Personnel Management has released the 2019 premium rates for the
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.
Item 11: SUMMARY: The President has signed a FY19 funding bill that includes a Continuing Resolution to
prevent a partial government shutdown on Monday.
Item 12: SUMMARY: A Senate Committee advanced legislation affecting collective bargaining related to
information technology and creating a quick process to consider the Administration’s reorganization plan
Item 13: SUMMARY: The Ranking Member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has sent
a letter to the Committee’s Chairman requesting a subpoena for Office of Personnel Management Director Jeff
Pon to be deposed concerning OPM’s actions to ensure agencies are complying with the court’s order
invalidating substantial portions of the Executive Orders.
Item 14: NTEU Launches ‘Telling Our Stories’
Item 15: Act Now Federal Employee Pay Raise for 2019 At Risk



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