Legislative Roundup July 2018,


NTEU Chapter 296 Legislative Roundup 2018-07-15 Click on "More Details" at the bottom of the post to get the summary with all of the attachments




Item: 01 SUMMARY:  Today, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing to examine the White House’s Government Reorganization Recommendations that were released last week. 


Attachment 1: HOGRHearingonReorgPlans.doc

Attachment 2: HOGRHearingonReorgPlans(Attach).pdf – NTEU President Tony Reardon’s statement on government-wide reorganization plan


Item 02: SUMMARY:  Public Citizen, an advocacy organization, has filed an amicus brief in support of NTEU’s Executive Order litigation on behalf of a group of current and former members of Congress.


Attachment 1: item02-ExtrnlSupportreEOLit.doc

Attachment 2: item02-ExtrnlSupportreEOLit(Attach).pdf – the amicus brief (17 pages)


Item 03: SUMMARY:  Today, the Senate Appropriations Committee reiterated its support for a 1.9% pay increase for federal employees starting January 2019.


Attachment 01: item03-SenateAppropsCmteSupportsPayRaise.doc


Item 04: From NTEU National President, Tony Reardon, regarding yesterday's unSupreme Court decision regarding public sector unions -

SUMMARY: In response to the decision released today by the Supreme Court in Janus vs. AFSCME, I released a statement to the media. This case has caused some confusion for our members because the media have been imprecise in their
reporting. Therefore, I want to underscore that the decision in Janus vs. AFSCME does not directly impact NTEU. NTEU is using the below statement to remind and educate the media on that point, as well as to show solidarity with fellow public sector unions that are harmed by the decision.

Statement of NTEU National President Tony Reardon:
Today’s Supreme Court decision on union dues in the public sector does not apply to federal employees, but NTEU is nevertheless disappointed. We stood with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees in this case, because a legal attack on one union is an attack on all those who represent working people. This case was financed by anti-labor organizations to deliberately diminish the role of organized labor, and to further weaken the ability of all employees to have a say in their workplaces, and to stand for fair wages, pensions, health care, and safety. Based on my experience working with frontline employees and their union representatives, we will not let that happen.

While today’s decision does not involve our union, it is part of a wider attack on unions, collective bargaining and employee rights. We are seeing these efforts directed at NTEU, and federal employees, through the three Executive Orders released by the President on May 25, from proposals to freeze federal pay, attacks on the retirement system for the federal workforce, and ongoing rhetoric that undermines our civil service, and the work that you do.

So today, we reiterate our support of fellow unions and their members impacted by the court decision, and we must also stand together within our union, with our members and with all federal employees, as well as with others who support us, to fight back against the threats we are facing, and to demand respect in our workplace.

Anthony M. Reardon
National President


also on NTEU296 Facebook page


Item 05: SUMMARY:  The Senate’s FY 2019 Labor, HHS, & Education Subcommittee Appropriations bill would provide $350 million to continue the discretionary relief fund for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program created in the FY 2018 Omnibus.


Attachment 1: item05-PSLFBill.doc


Item 06: SUMMARY:  Members of Congress have sent letters to DOJ requesting information following reports of individuals pleading guilty to criminal use of data obtained through the 2015 OPM data breaches.   


Attachment 1: item06-LtrsSenttoDOJReqInfore2015OPMDataBreaches(Attach 1).pdf

attachment 2: item06-LtrsSenttoDOJReqInfore2015OPMDataBreaches(Attach 2).pdf

attachment 3: item06-LtrsSenttoDOJReqInfore2015OPMDataBreaches.doc


Item 07: SUMMARY:  Today, H.R. 2229, the All Circuits Review Act, cleared the House, and is headed to the President for enactment. (helps whistleblowers)


Attachment 1: item07-cp memo on all circuits review extension(1).docx


Item 08:

Senate Bill Pushes Pay Raise for Federal Employees


Last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved a funding bill that would provide federal workers with an average pay increase of 1.9 percent in 2019.


When the administration says federal employees don’t deserve fair pay, it is gratifying to see some of the most powerful senators from both parties strongly reject that notion,” said National President Tony Reardon. The union supports separate, pending legislation to provide a 3 percent increase for federal employees in 2019.


The Senate appropriations bill also included appropriations for several NTEU-funded agencies, and it maintains a moratorium on outsourcing through A-76 competitions.



This bill only provides the IRS with $11.26 billion for FY19, roughly $170 million below the current level and $350 million less than in the funding bill approved by the House Appropriations Committee a few weeks ago. While the overall funding would be $125 million above the administration’s request, NTEU believes it is inadequate and will hamper the IRS’ ability to meet its taxpayer service and enforcement challenges and to begin rebuilding its decimated workforce.


In a separate funding bill passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would receive a boost of $239 million more than current levels. In a major victory for NTEU, the bill includes funds to support the hiring of 375 new CBP Officers for deployment to ports of entry. The administration’s budget request included no new funding to hire additional CBP Officers at the ports of entry.


NTEU Lawsuit Moving on Expedited Schedule

NTEU’s lawsuit to block certain provisions of President Trump’s executive orders on the federal workforce is moving swiftly, and the union’s motion for summary judgment will be heard by a federal judge July 25.


The court has combined NTEU’s lawsuit with suits filed by other federal unions, a welcome development that can speed up the legal process. The expedited briefing schedule permits the court to address the merits of NTEU’s arguments quickly.


Item 09

National Defense Authorization Act: What to Know


This week, the Senate is considering the fiscal year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) containing some government-wide provisions affecting federal employees.


NTEU strongly supports the increase from $25,000 to $40,000 in Voluntary Separation Incentive Payments (VSIPs). The $25,000 cap was originally enacted in 1993, and after almost 25 years of no adjustment, federal employees find the amount to have no real incentive. NTEU views the VSIPs and Voluntary Early Retirements as keys to workforce reshaping and supports the provision allowing VSIPs to be adjusted for inflation.


NTEU opposes the authority to directly hire college graduates and post-secondary students, while eliminating veterans’ preference and limiting the notice for internal candidates who could miss out on potential promotional opportunities. Hiring should be done under the merit system principles, with veterans’ preference and public notice. This guards against a career civil service comprised of only political appointees, or family and friends of those in leadership positions.


As the Senate begins consideration of which amendments will be accepted or voted on by the chamber, NTEU will continue to work with both House and Senate legislators to make them aware of the legislation's direct impact on federal employees.


Item 10:

latest posting from NTEU The Political Insider:


CAUTION: Do not forward through government email systems 
and do not distribute on government property.


A fresh post from Political Insider is here! June’s primaries were truly a jungle! We had political upsets in New York and South Carolina, where powerful incumbents lost their seats, and a California election process that makes you wonder just how many types of elections one state can have.

To learn more about the outcome of these races, and to see which congressional candidates we are watching for the general election in November, please visit 
the Political Insider today. 


Item 11: Reorganization Proposals Require Deep Congressional Review



While NTEU supports efforts to reduce government inefficiencies, previous overhaul efforts have proven unsuccessful. And much like the past, the latest administration proposals may increase outsourcing of government functions and fail to include input from frontline federal employees.


Further details on the impact on the workforce and programs are needed before serious consideration can occur,” said NTEU National President Tony Reardon in a statement submitted to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform as it conducted a hearing on the administration's proposals.


As the administration began instructing agencies to create reorganization plans, NTEU went to work collecting invaluable suggestions from our members and submitted our findings to agency heads. Those ideas and suggestions were largely ignored as agencies finalized plans without consulting NTEU.


NTEU also shared its concerns on the proposed breakup of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and moving core workforce policy decisions to the White House, threatening the career civil service and risking politicization.




Item 12:

SUMMARY:  The Senate Finance Subcommittee on Social Security, Pensions, and Family Policy held a hearing on proposals to offer paid family leave.


attachment1: item12-cp memo on paid family leave.doc


Item 13:

SUMMARY:  One hundred and thirty-two House legislators have written to the President expressing opposition to the May 25th Executive Orders. 


attachment1: item13-Federal Worker EO letter to President Trump.pdf

attachment2: item13-CP Memo Additional House Legislators Express Opposition to May 25th Executive Orders.docx





item 14:

Public Service Deserves Public Respect -  help protect your Pay, Retirement, and Union Rights

NTEU has launched a national grassroots campaign to ensure that Public Service gets the respect that it deserves. The Administration has proposed freezing federal employee pay in 2019, cutting retirement benefits thereby reducing take-home pay, and has issued three executive orders aimed at dismantling workplace rights at federal agencies.


Attachment1: item14-Respect-Flier_Pledge.pdf

Attachment2: item14-LC2018_ActionCenter_Flier_v3.pdf



Item 15: To learn more about how congressional incumbents have voted on our issues check out NTEU’s 2017 House Voting Record and 2017 Senate Voting Record(Contains a list of all congressional districts, how many federal employees in each district and how the representative voted)


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