July "Third Thursday" Brown Bag Lunch; Thursday, July 19, 2018

f you are a WASO employee and are not a supervisor, a management official, or a "confidential" employee, this message is for you.  If you are a supervisor, a management official, or a confidential employee or you don't work in WASO, we share the following information with you as a matter of courtesy.

We cordially invite you as a WASO staff person to join your fellow employees at the NTEU Monthly Brown Bag Lunch for July 2018.  

What: NTEU-sponsored lunchtime presentations regarding the following topics:
*   New Executive Orders (EOs) That Severely Limit Federal Employee Due Process Protection and Federal Union Effectiveness -- Why the EOs' Implementation is (Temporarily) Blocked, What We Can Do About the EOs
*   Missing or Late Performance Plans and Mid-Year Reviews -- A Status Report on Union Efforts 
*   Issues Raised by Meeting Attendees
*   Performance Management Training  -- An Update and What to Look Out For
*   Investigations -- A Status Report and How the Union Can Help
*   Opportunities to Help Yourself and the Union --  Our Annual Traditional Cultural Practice
*   Much more

When: Thursday, July 19, 2018

            Noon, Eastern Daylight Savings Time. 

Where: North Penthouse, Large Conference Room,  Main Interior Building. NOTE THE ROOM LOCATION. 

The North Penthouse is a very elegant space. It is worthwhile seeing.  You can get to the North Penthouse via the dedicated elevator near the 7500 West hallway on the 7th floor, close to the E Street side of MIB. You can also get there via the 7500 West wing stairs.  Look for the NTEU signs.  In our last few meetings, the room has been on the cool side.  We have asked for an improvement in the temperature, but you should come prepared for a cool temperature nonetheless.
If you are planning to participate in July's Third Thursday Brown Bag Lunch by telephone, here is the information that you need to know.

Call in: 877-958-6756
Passcode: 8296505

One of the factors in having a successful meeting is how well folks who call in can hear what we say.  If you do call in, after the meeting please let us know if you can't clearly hear the speakers.

Since we last met, your Chapter 296 leaders have been very busy on your behalf.  We have learned a lot, we have represented your interests in several settings, and we have a lot to report to you on a wide range of issues.  This is true every month. 

We will continue our approach of asking meeting attendees for their questions and concerns in the middle of the meeting rather than saving that for the end.  Please think about what issues or topics you would like to discuss or learn about.  All of us would like to hear what the hot topics are in your office/facility.  Are there things that the Union could do to make your participation in the Union easier?

At 5:30 P.M., on Friday, May 25th, the day before Memorial Day weekend, President Trump issued three Executive Orders (EOs) which will severely limit 1) due process protection for Federal Employees and 2) Federal Union effectiveness.  All Federal Unions believe that at least portions of the EOs violate statutory law.  Consequently, your Union and almost all Federal Unions have filed suit to overturn the EOs.  We will give you a status report.  The Department has prepared the Departmental Manual revisions and Personnel Bulletins necessary to implement the EOs now. We will let you know why our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) blocks the implementation of the EOs and the Department's efforts, at least temporarily.  We will remind you what's in the EOs, why it matters to you, and what steps the Union is taking.  We will also let you know what you can do as citizens.

It has come to the Union's attention that there are some supervisors who did not provide (in a timely fashion) their employees with FY 2018 Performance Plans and/or have not held mid-year reviews. If these important events were not completed by July 1, 2018, it was too late for employees to have a reasonable opportunity to improve their performance by the end of the rating period, September 30, 2018.  Performance ratings have a strong connection to each employee's eligibility for performance awards.  At the meeting, we will provide more details on this situation and a status report on how the Union is addressing this matter. 

As is our tradition, we will discuss our annual efforts to recognize your efforts to strengthen the Union.

Starting this week, one WASO Directorate launched separate mandatory training for staff and supervisors on the topic of performance management.  This is a laudable effort.  We will bring it up at the Brown Bag Lunch because it illustrates what can happen when hiring a vendor to provide training on topics that your CBA touches on.

We will let you know about investigations in WASO that have just finished, are underway, or about to begin. We will let you know about the pros and cons of various sorts of investigations.  We will also let you know how the Union can help you with investigations and investigatory interviews.  By the end of the meeting, you will know what "Weingarten Rights" means.

Our talented Union Field Representative and labor lawyer extraordinaire Sarah Riger will not be able to attend July's Third Thursday Brown Bag Lunch.  If you would like some private time with an experienced labor lawyer, please contact Sarah via email (sarah.riger@nteu.org) to arrange a time to meet with her either face-to-face or by telephone. 

If there is time, we will provide updates on other topics.  As always, we will provide plenty of time for both 1) your questions and answers and 2) your comments and suggestions.

Because this meeting is designed for WASO staff only, we will monitor the call-ins.

All WASO staff members are welcome!  Please join us.  Bring a friend or listen in with one!  Enjoy lunch with your co-workers while you learn the latest news from Chapter 296.

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