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>to protect your job and employee rights
>for increased agency funding
>for fair pay
>to retain health and retirement benefits

As federal employees, you face significant ongoing scrutiny and threats to your jobs, pay, benefits and rights. NTEU is on Capitol Hill advocating for you and your family, and working to make sure legislators are aware of how federal workforce proposals impact you.

We Support:

12 weeks of paid family leave to federal workers
S. 1174 (Schatz-HI) and H.R. 1534 (Maloney-NY)

A 3.1 percent pay raise for 2020, a ban on the reorganization of OPM, and protections for collective bargaining
H.R. 3351 (Quigley-IL)

Increasing CBP Offcer staffng levels at the ports of entry
S. 1004 (Peters-MI)

Preventing agency managers from interfering with employee scientific research and safe-guarding the professional integrity of the work
H.R. 1709 (Tonko-NY)

Increasing staffng levels of CBP Agriculture Specialists, Agriculture Technicians, and canine teams
S. 2107 (Peters-MI) and H.R. 4482 (Vela-TX)

Repealing the 40 percent tax on high-cost employer-sponsored health care benefits
H.R. 748 (Courtney-CT) and S. 684 (Heinrich-NM)

We Oppose:
Undermining employee workplace rights, including your rights to representation, due
process and collective bargaining
H.R. 3348 (Loudermilk-GA), S. 1898 (Perdue-GA),
H.R. 3357 (Hice-GA), and H.R. 354 (Yoho-FL)

Allowing agencies to claw back bonuses already paid to employees for certain misconduct even if it’s unrelated to the reason the bonus was awarded
S. 2119 (Fischer-NE)

Eliminating time for NTEU to represent employees
H.R. 4090 (Rooney-FL)

Abolishing the IRS
H.R. 25 (Woodall-GA)

Repealing the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 and eliminating the CFPB
S. 1335 (Cruz-TX)

The administration’s ongoing efforts to undermine collective bargaining, reduce or eliminate telework and force employee relocations.

The administration’s FY20 budget request that proposes to: eliminate step increases (within-grades); slash pensions, health care, and workers’ compensation; erode the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP); reduce holidays and leave; and make it easier for agencies and managers to remove employees.

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