April "Third Thursday" Brown Bag Lunch; Thursday, April 19, 2018

We cordially invite you as a WASO staff person to join your fellow employees at the Monthly NTEU Brown Bag Lunch for April 2018.  

What: NTEU-sponsored lunch presentations regarding the following topics:
*   Performance Issues, Standards, and Reviews --What the Contract Requires/What the Union is Going to Do
*   2017 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Results -- Union Suggestions/What's Going On In Your Office?
*   Issues Raised by Meeting Attendees
*   Meeting With the National President of NTEU  -- A Rare Opportunity
*   Opportunities to Help Yourself and the Union --  Our Annual Traditional Cultural Practice
*   Over-long, Un-reimbursed Details -- The Union Perspective
*   Union Contract Availability/Distribution  --  Now Is The Time
*   Much more

When: Thursday, April 19, 2018

            Noon, Eastern Daylight Savings Time. 

Where: North Penthouse, Large Conference Room,  Main Interior Building. NOTE THE ROOM LOCATION. 

The North Penthouse is a very elegant space. It is worthwhile seeing.  You can get to the North Penthouse via the dedicated elevator near the 7500 West hallway on the 7th floor, close to the E Street side of MIB. You can also get there via the 7500 West wing stairs.  Look for the NTEU signs. 
If you are planning to participate in April's Third Thursday Brown Bag Lunch by telephone, here is the information that you need to know.

Call in: 877-958-6756
Passcode: 8296505

One of the factors in having a successful meeting is how well folks who call in can hear what we say.  If you do call in, after the meeting please let us know if you can't clearly hear the speakers.

Our talented Union Field Representative and labor lawyer extraordinaire Sarah Riger plans to attend the April's Third Thursday Brown Bag Lunch.  Please give her a warm welcome when you see her.  If you would like some private time with an experienced labor lawyer, please contact Sarah in person or via email (sarah.riger@nteu.org) to arrange a time to meet with her either face-to-face or by telephone.

Since we last met, your Chapter 296 leaders have been very busy on your behalf.  We have learned a lot, we have represented your interests in several settings, and we have a lot to report to you on a wide range of issues.  This is true every month. 

We will continue our approach of asking meeting attendees for their questions and concerns in the middle of the meeting rather than saving that for the end.  Please think about what issues or topics you would like to discuss or learn about.  All of us would like to hear what the hot topics are in your office/facility.  Are there things that the Union could do to make your participation in the Union easier?

We have reached the time when mid-year performance appraisals are due.  We are also aware that some employees do not yet have FY 2018 Performance Plans.  We think that it would be helpful to go over what the Union Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 36 requires and authorizes. We will also let you know what the Union will do to move the process along without any risk to you.

We will provide details on the upcoming visit of NTEU National President Anthony Reardon to NPS on April 26, 2018.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet him, learn from him, and ask him questions about NTEU's efforts to benefit Federal employees.

As is our tradition, we will announce the launching of our annual efforts to recognize your efforts to strengthen the Union.

Very soon, supervisors will/should be talking to employees about the results of the 2017 Employees Viewpoint Survey.  We will help you get prepared for that conversation.  We want to hear from you, what is going on in your office on this topic.  If a conversation has not yet taken place or has not been planned, we want to know about it so that we can provide nudges in the right places.  Good communication is essential to better employee morale.

We all have heard stories about NPS WASO staff members who have agreed to details at a higher grade but have been asked to extend the detail at lower pay.  We will let you know what the Union is doing about this kind of situation.

Yes, NPS will distribute hard copies of our new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). This week, the Union and Labor Relations reached an agreement on how to grease the skids on the distribution of the CBA.  We will let you know how that is going to happen.  We will have a supply of our CBA at the meeting to distribute.

If there is time, we will provide updates on other topics.  As always, we will provide plenty of time for both 1) your questions and answers and 2) your comments and suggestions.

Because this meeting is designed for WASO staff only, we will monitor the call-ins.

All WASO staff members are welcome! Please join us.  Bring a friend or listen in with one!  Enjoy lunch with your co-workers while you learn the latest news from Chapter 296.

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